Graduation Poems Daughter

There is something very special about finding graduation poems for a daughter because no matter what, your daughter will always be special. This uniqueness is not only to their mother but there is usually a dominant relationship that soon transcends that of a little girl and a mother; it is a relationship of a special bond and friendship.

But, it isn't alwys a piece of cake developing this on-going and later adult reltionship. There will be times when your daughter was probably very rebellious, or wouldn't speak to you about her personal and deep feelings. That didn't matter, though, because through all of these trying times, she was still your little girl.

The most difficult of times is when your little girl is not that anymore. She is a lady full of life that needs to venture out on their own, to test their wings to see how far they can fly. And, yes, there will be ocassions when she fails, or is hurt, or is feeling less than loved. At these times, however, you will want to be the one person to whom she can come to without pretense, without question, or without ridicule. After all is said and done, is there anything you wouldn't do to help?

Graduation Poems Daughters

Don't Forget
by Amanda Bradley

Forget about the days when itís been cloudy,
but donít forget your hours in the sun.
Forget about the times youíve been defeated,
but donít forget the victories youíve won.
Forget about mistakes that you canít change now,
but donít forget the lessons that youíve learned.
Forget about misfortunes youíve encountered,
but donít forget the times your luck has turned.
Forget about the days when youíve been lonely,
but donít forget the friendly smiles youíve seen.
Forget about plans that didnít seem to work out right,
but donít forget to always have a dream.

This is a great poem to give to your daughter upon their graduation. It can be presented to them for high-school or college. It fits the need to express all those things that went before, and a lot of those new events that will transpire no matter where they go. What is important, is to give credence to the fact that all things are possible but first you need to experience some parts of life that may be unpleasant. But, dreams are what we look to no doubt, and these dreams will become reality if there is action associated with dreams. Dreams are made so that those who know how to set goals can capitalize on the minds power to imagine greatness.

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